Application compatibility

  1. Create an Account on 
  2. Download Zwift: This one might sound obvious but you can download Zwift on your computer or tablet here.
  3. Download the Zwift Companion App: While this isn’t required, the ZC app will allow you to interact with fellow Zwifters, use PowerUps, and much more in-game. If you’re using an iOS®, AppleTV®, or Android™ device—you can get it directly from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  4. Launch Zwift. 
  5. Pairing the OneSprint Bike to Zwift: Choose the unlisted item to pair the Onesprint Bike. On the next step, pair the Garmin speed and cadence to Zwift before riding. Change the tire size to 20". 
  6. Register for an Event: If you're taking part in an invite-only event, you'll be automatically registered. If you're leading a Group Ride or registering for a public event, you need to sign up. 
  7. Avatar and Virtual Equipment: To customize your avatar, which is how you’ll appear in Zwift, you’ll use the Garage on the app. 
  8. Public Profile: Items like your name, height, weight, and max HR will significantly influence your overall Zwift experience and must be as accurate as possible. 
  9. Join an Event: Now that we’ve got you registered, you can join an event 30 minutes before it starts. 
  10. Have fun!: Socialize and have fun with our awesome community of Zwifters! 
  1. Create an account on
  2. Download the app Garmin Connect and update your profil on the App.
  3. Pairing the OneSprint Bike to Garmin: add the sensor to your new material. Change the tire size to 1470 mm. 
  4. Begin your training and track your performance. 



  1. Download the App.
  2. Create your account. 
  3. Connect your Strava account to your Garmin account.